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Caramel Brown Silk

You will call me Mistress...

Are you curious about how it feels to be in my presence?  To gaze upon me with your own eyes… to breathe in my scent… touch my skin.  To feel my love.  To serve me and be mine. 


Say yes. 


Because we both know that it’s true.


I now offer Worship Sessions based in a divine little dungeon in East London. 


These include Giantess Sessions, Foot Sessions, & Goddess Sessions.


Read below for more information, my darlings.

Giantess Worship

£350 per hour

  • Giantess RP

  • Tiny to Giantess Body Worship

  • Unaware Giantess

  • Lift & Carry

  • Height Comparison

  • Smothering

  • All options for Goddess Worship

Available at my own discretion 

  • Breast, Asshole, Pussy Worship

Foot Worship*

£300 per hour


  • Shoe, Boot, Foot, & Leg Worship

  • Food & Drink Messy Worship

  • Trampling

  • Footstool

  • Toe Sucking

Available at my own discretion 

  • Kicking

  • Breast, Asshole, Pussy Worship

Goddess Worship

£350 per hour

  • Body Worship

  • Tease & Denial

  • Bondage

  • Pervy Confined Voyeurism


Available at my own discretion 

  • Breast, Asshole, Pussy Worship


Personal Slave Day

£2500 for 5 hours

Come and be my personal slave for the day. 


Duties involve whatever the hell I feel like

(limits discussed during booking).

This must be paid in full before the booked session day.

Social Times

£200 per hour/ £135 for 30 mins

Want to spend a little more time in my divine presence before or after your session


Let's hang out.  Watch a movie.  Talk about your day.  

Snuggling available at my own discretion.

Office Slave  (Limited Availability)

£200 per hour

  • My Admin

  • Sub for My Content Filming

Plus anything else I might require.


Let me know your skillset and we can see if you'll be any use to me.


"I adore my subs.  I love watching the lust & desire in your eyes as you cast your gaze over my delectable body.  I love seeing your hands shake as you reach out to touch my skin.  I love feeling you melt into me as I put you in your proper place, under my feet.


I know how much you want to please me, pleasure me, satisfy me.



And you know that I have very high expectations for your behaviour & hygiene when you’re in my presence.  My subs must be clean, respectful, and obedient at all times.


I enjoy brats, but disrespect will not be tolerated.  You will respect me and my space, or the session will be terminated with absolutely no refunds."




All listed prices include studio fees.

*My feet don't get super smelly, so please keep this in mind when booking a Foot Worship session.

Domme Contact

Get in touch with Ginger...

To discuss a Worship Session with Ginger, please send a delicious little email with the following-


Subject: Please May I Serve You

Session Desires | Kink Experience | Availability | Name | Contact No

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