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About Ginger

Lady Ginger Lust has always been drawn in by beauty.  


Easily seduced by every art form, she has taken her time in delightfully exploring different methods of expression.

At a young age, most of her life was taken up by dancing of some sort.  From classical ballet to belly dancing and the Irish jig, nothing could persuade Ginger to simply stand still until she became a model.  Professionally standing still for the camera worked thanks to the divine clothes that she wore, but it wasn’t until she discovered burlesque that Ginger realised that she could bring these two worlds together.


She has always been completely obsessed with the world of burlesque, frequenting shows when she could, but never imagining that she could actually join that paradise.  How fitting that it is that a photographer, on hearing how much she adored these beautiful characters on the stage, recommended a group for her to get in touch with to follow this fantasy through.


One very jiggly hop, skip and a jump later, here she is.

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