Vintage lingerie model photography

"Ginger is the embodiment of natural talent, class, grace and beauty. I am excited everytime we work together purely because it isn't work it is just fun. She is so creative and knows exactly what she wants I am always in awe watching her do her thing.

It is always the greatest pleasure to work with this beauty. I would highly recommend working with Ginger."

Chez La Rue, Hair Stylist

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Photography:  Steve Horne

"Ginger has an infectious personality, that only intensifies when in-front of the camera. Fun, sweet, and huge doses on wackiness .. all resulting in some fantastic images.

If you want Busty Boudoir, Voluptuous Vintage or Luscious Lingerie, look no further and book Ginger. Highly recommended!"

- KNW, Photographer



What is OnlyFans & Why do I care?

Ginger puts her glitter-filled blood, sweat and tears into creating delicious content for you to enjoy online, but unfortunately, she can’t live on your love alone!


She turned to the wonderful OnlyFans Community to create a space exclusive for those generous enough to pay a monthly subscription to her, forever grateful for their understanding that for her to continue on her beautiful path, she needs a financial income to grant her the freedom that she needs.


Join us and enjoy Ginger’s EXCLUSIVE TO ONLYFANS TREATS every single month!!!

Abstract Rays
Abstract Rays

Do you want to be a model?

Step into Ginger's world through her Confidence For The Camera Workshop, and get your own professional modelling pictures in her photoshoot #GingerShoots!


"I was so thrilled (and slightly intimidated) getting to work with the incredible Ginger last week on a steampunk/femdom shoot. Not only was she incredibly laid back, funny and sweet, she was extremely professional, an excellent mover and a natural in front of the camera. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She had fantastic poses, faces and a clear passion for her modelling."

- Anna B, Model


"Working with Ginger is a breeze, she exudes style, talent and class in every look and pose and wardrobe change. She is bright, engaging and has a great sense of humour: enormous fun on a shoot. This shoot is going to be a bugger to choose edits from... every shot is a keeper!

I would be genuinely thrilled to work with Ginger again and can do no more here than recommend her very highly indeed. Book her now, you'll be very glad you did!"

- Buddy GB, Photographer

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