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Stone Goddess


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House Of Burlesque

Ginger says, 'I first discovered Tempest Rose and The House of Burlesque 

at a friend's birthday celebration.  I ventured down the steps of a glamorous London club, taking in the beauty around me.  I'd been to burlesque shows before, but this night was one big sexy slap in the face, waking me up to my future.  I felt it immediately.  When the show started, as my friends were jumping out of their seats clapping and cheering, I was frozen.  Jaw dropped, eyes wide, unable to look away from the absolute masterpiece that was happening on stage.


 As each act finished, I burst out of my shock into a hysterical applause, only to melt again as the next performer took to the stage.  I had to be one of them, I felt such a powerful attraction to that world.  I wanted to move like that, to wear those divine costumes, to have such incredible control over my body, my sexuality.  


This was the House of Burlesque.


I was on a shoot one day with photographer Rich Newnham when I noticed a picture on his studio wall of the stunning Bettsie Bon Bon.  This lucky bastard had shot the girl that I'd been drooling over just a few days ago!  As I began to obsessively rant about how amazing she is, he casually mentioned Tempest Rose and her company- The House of Burlesque.   'Dude', he said, 'do their course'.  

So I did.  

Since then, I've created several fabulous burlesque acts!  Choreographed by myself to truly incredible songs, with stunning costumes embellished and designed by me.  I can't tell you guys how proud it's made me, and how completely and utterly in love with this world I am!

I've now taken part in many shows, both produced by House of Burlesque and others.  As well as performing for them (one of my favourites debuting my fabulous 'Will the real Ginny Weasley please stand up' act during the House of Burlesque Harry Potter Fresh show) I've been lucky enough to act as stage manager for several shows and compering in the House of Burlesque Fresh Circus.  

It's such a rush being involved in these incredible shows and being surrounded by such talented performers.  

I wouldn't have it any other way!'


Click HERE to visit the House Of Burlesque Website

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