I really like selling my dirty lingerie... 

Like... it really fucking does it for me...

I thought that I just enjoyed the easy money of picking up my old, wet panties or sweaty socks and posting them to you dirty bastards...

But I was thinking about it the other day, and do you know what?

I realised how much it fucking turns me on. 

I realised how much I LOVE to think about strangers holding my old things in the knowledge that they were mine. 

I love thinking about you pressing my sweaty cast-offs hard against your face as you inhale deeply, savouring my scent that you only wish you could smell and taste in real life.  

I get wet thinking about the fact that you are so desperate to pay your hard earned money on my old clothes and lingerie just to make you feel closer to me.  That you relish the smell and taste of me so much that you'd do anything to hold my old, sweaty stockings in your hands.  That you get off looking at pictures or videos of me wearing the very panties that are nestled against your face right this minute. 


I get off on it too.  I get off on being showered in desire, worship, and your fucking money just for being my fabulous self.  

I deserve it.  I deserve everything I want.  

And you deserve the chance to feel that much closer to me.  To hold my dirty cast-offs in your hand and to know exactly what I smell like.  What I taste like. 


And everytime you purchase something old, worn, dirty of mine, I have a wet dream about it.  

Prices from + postage

$20 for 24 hrs wear

+$10 per extra 24 hrs wear

+$5 per pic of me in them

+$15 per 3 min video of me in them

+$30 for me to play with myself in/with them

DM or email to enquire for availability